Custom Stickers

  • Can I see samples before I buy?

    Yes, we offer sample packs with a collection of 9 stickers for $1. We also allow you to order custom samples using our Test Drive service. This allows you to ge...

  • How long will your stickers last?

    Our custom stickers are fade resistant for 3 - 5 years. The printing is water resistant too.

  • Are your stickers weatherproof?

    Yes, our custom stickers are designed for outdoor use. They're able to withstand exposure to wind, rain and sunlight. All of our stickers are printed on premium...

  • Do you have clear vinyl stickers?

    Yes, we offer clear vinyl stickers stickers with a matte finish. Our clear stickers can come in any shape and include full color printing.

  • Can you print on the back of my stickers?

    No, we're unable to print on the back of your stickers. Back printing is on our roadmap and you can vote for it to help us prioritize.

  • Can you split the paper backing on my stickers?

    No, we're unable to provide a 'crack and peel' backing. This option is on our roadmap and you can vote for it to help us prioritize.

  • What is your minimum order quantity?

    Our minimum quantity is 10 units per design variation using Test Drive. If you would like to order more than 10 stickers and less than 50, add 10 units to your...

  • What type of adhesive do you use?

    The type of adhesive we use depends on your product selection. Our adhesives include: Custom stickers use a permanent adhesive Bumper stickers use a ...

  • Do your stickers have a matte or gloss finish?

    Our custom stickers have a matte finish and our custom skins have a gloss finish. The difference between these 2 products are explained below: Custom Sticke...

  • Do you offer gloss finish stickers?

    Our custom stickers are all matte finish. If you require a gloss finish, then our only option is die cut skins. Our skins have a weaker adhesive so that they ar...

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